The UNICULT fashion agency is located in Nijmegen and founded by Iris van Hees. With over 6 years of experience in the retail business the people behind UNICULT know the characteristics of this field. Thereby it is possible to think both ways: as the brand & as the retailer. We unite both worlds to get the best results and fill in the gap between the brand and the store. We fit and customize our service to create an ideal situation for everyone involved. Together we work, grow, achieve.

We don’t have a showroom,  instead we come to you. Personal contact is highly valuated within UNICULT.  The agency is formed by observing today’s fashion, education, art and humans. With all these impressions UNICULT aims to connect & unite people. Working personally with each collection enables us to identify the right product for the right client throughout The Netherlands. Our work field contains: brand sales, public relations and concept development.

Find us online by clicking on our logo or visit our Instagram page by clicking on the image.

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